Laracon EU 2017

Was such a treat.

If you were there, I hope we had a chance to chat. Thank you for participating in the community — we thrive thanks to our love for sharing and collaborating with each other.

If you weren't, I hope you will be next year!

Big thank-you for the organizers, speakers, and attendees alike.

Special thanks for my friends and coworkers, new and old, who helped me put together and prepare my talk! It was fantastic meeting you all in person! Particularly special thanks to Chris, Leo, Sven, Thomas, and Ulrik, who didn't even need to be in Amsterdam but were there anyway, and showed we could actually be productive if we really tried.

But Wait, There's More!

I actually shaved off huge chunks from my talk before the big day. It includes a segment on ambiguous design, discussion on the flaws of Human-Centered Design, a slew of techniques to display loading indicators (plus how integrate it with your code), and a good 20 minutes about the forgotten user: our fellow Developers. We tend to forget that other devs wind up using our code, and we should design for them too!

I expect these segments to be converted into blog posts. I'll shout on twitter when they're ready for you!

Watch It Again

If you'd like to jog your memory of the talk, or wish to pursue it in further detail, feel free to grab my slides.
You may reuse or share my slides with attribution to my name or this page. Some content may belong to other copyright holders.
Recording courtesy of the Laracon EU team.
Other Laracon EU main track videos are also available, check them out!
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